I use this speaker on my room and it has bluetooth so very handy to play music.

Easy Bluetooth Subwoofer Speaker (80W)

Again I found some old speakers which we didn't use so I thought lets make something nice of them :)I designed a wooden box to put them in and this

Start a rhythm by building and learning with STEM projects.

10 Musical STEM Projects

Plug in and rock out!

DIY Guitar Pedal

Making a DIY guitar fuzz pedal is a fun and easy electronics weekend project for hobbyists and guitarists alike. Making a classic fuzz pedal is much easier than you.

Classic style mini jukebox.

'Time Machine' Mini Jukebox

PROBLEM: My workshop needed some serious sounds - bluetooth speaker and streaming service were no longer cutting it.

DIY Stereo Bluetooth Speaker (2x30W)

DIY Stereo Bluetooth Speaker (2x30W)

DIY ultra-portable wireless speaker with impressive bass and portable design.

DIY Mini Bluetooth Speaker (BoombeAt :)

Kalimba With Love

Kalimba With Love

Music Reactive Desk Lamp — With Arduino

Music Reactive Desk Lamp

In this instructable we'll be building a good looking light that dances to all sounds and music, using simple components and some basic Arduino programming.

How to make a hand crafted guitar from recycled wood.

Hand Crafted Guitar From Recycled Wood

Since my high school years I’ve had an idea to build my 8 string guitar. In 2001 I built my first guitar.

How to build your own Appalachian Stick Dulcimer.

Appalachian Stick Dulcimer

How to solder on a new jack without having to replace the entire amp!

Repairing a Speaker Amp

How to solder on a new jack without having to replace the entire amp!

Suitcases make great speaker enclosures.

Portable Suitcase Boombox

I picked up a nice suitcase that someone had thrown out and was wondering what to do with it when I realized that it wasn't actually a suitcase, but rather an.

How to build a small battery powered LM386 guitar amplifier.

From Schematic to Protoboard - Building a Simple LM386 Guitar Amp on a DIP Protoboard

How to build a small battery powered guitar amplifier.

Euphonium Cosy

The Warmest Euphonium in the World!

I made a cosy for my euphonium (a half-size tuba) to help keep it warm. I used exactly 245 meters of worsted weight yarn, and used mainly knitting to cover it, but.

Adding some insight on building a guitar on a little bit tighter of a budget.

Electric Guitar Project

Yes, this is electric guitar build. This is my guitar and I have built them using a variety of.

How to String a Steel-String Acoustic Guitar

How to String a Steel-String Acoustic Guitar

Wether you have broken a string, rusted your strings away, or your guitar sounds just plain dull, you know it is time to replace the strings on your guitar.