Canada Day Fireworks in Abbotsford

Electric range fire lighting up

Lindt Chocolate Spheres

Christmas lights

Reasoning with Camelot

Beacons of light - train wagon ceiling

Beacons of light - train wagon ceiling

Beautiful Treadle #sewing #treadle #singer

Un Joli Café Mistral ~ France

Cliffs of Moher , West of Ireland / JP Tournut



I can tie those cherry stems in my mouth with my tongue with your hands tied behind my back - Happy Valentines! -Splashtablet Shower iPad Case RP


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Easter ideas- cute as can be!


Animal drawings Collection | dezignHD

This is what I imagined Tommy's animal drawings from Never Let Me Go looked like.

Amazing Owl by Lorrie Bennett -- see how the outline patterns are the same.....

Time Piece - painted rock

Palm Tree and Sunset

amour de poule - Love the red-work and the embellishments on the sides of the heart.