Victorian Wedding Theme | Victorian Wedding Dress: Romantic Threads (photo by Winter Wolf ...

Victorian Delusions of Grandeur

Vintage gowns in a Victoria Magazine vignette, photographed by Toshi Otsuki

The Weekend Post: Love & Adore

Toshi Otsuki- Victoria Magazine #millinery #judithm #hats

In the Country: downton abbey withdrawal


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Romantic pink lace :)

Untitled by Анна Гурская | 500px

My Victorian Paris Dress available at Tavin Boutique TavinShop online

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How about when we're next together we both wear pretty white dresses, and shelter uner a white lace parasol, with beautiful straw hats on, and drink tea.

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LITTLE RED LIES AND STORYBOOK EYES | threadwork: What a silly girl… by Diana Pinto on...

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Natural Tapestry Betsy Buttons Pump

Natural Tapestry Betsy Buttons Pump | zulily

British Cosmopolitan Bride

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Victorian dress

Victorian Inspired Wedding Dresses

dressLA198702-opt 1980s Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley Bridal-1987

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Elizabethan Lace Cuffs - China Doll

Love the bunny necklace.

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Sisi Vienna, Ladies' Modern Victorian Fashion

Sisi Vienna Ladies Fashion Salon

Sisi Vienna Collection 2011

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Ulyana Sergeenko Fall 2013

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Cool old shoes

The Adventures of Elizabeth

‘The universe is neither friendly nor hostile. It is merely indifferent. This makes me ecstatic. I have reached a nirvana of negativity. I can look futility in the face and still see promise in the stars’ - Dandy in the Underworld, Sebastian Horsley. Sebastian Horsley by The LaRoache Brothers, 2009.

the speakeasy

I want to wear lacy vintage blouses that seem to never go out of style...

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nice display..


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High button shoes

GATHERING MY THOUGHTS: A new pair of boots!

Ну а такой маленький можно цеплять на пояс. И использовать, если совсем нежелательно брать больгой зонт. Dream On victorian style

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