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Lady Bits In the Powder Room

Celebrating our pretty plumbing, our awesome anatomy, and our resplendent reproductive systems. We are women, hear us... LOL, are those vagina cupcakes?!

Lady Bits In the Powder Room

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This is why you have cramps. Your uterus is pissed off at you.


Most funny animal memes and humor pics

Is Your Vagina Out of Shape? There’s an App for That! Hilarious article about kegel exercise equipment (yes, that's a thing). By HollowTreeVentures on @LifetimeMoms #womanhood #humor

  • HollowTreeVentures

    Thanks so much, In the Powder Room! And thanks for the reminder. *squeeze, squeeze*


Designer Vaginas are a Thing Now

Nothing says "funny" like vagina humor in a recipe post. Yeah, you read that right.

Vajazzled Valentine Vulva Candies

"Wedge Queen" the story of how one woman fell in love with thong underwear and never looked (ahem) back, by Deb @UrbanMooCow via In the Powder Room humor | women | fashion | underwear |

Wedge Queen: The True Story of a Girl and Her Thong - In the Powder Room

Sorry your vagina looks like a grenade went off at a deli counter.

Mommysavers LOL Cards — LOL - Just for Fun

"Spa Treatments for Your What Now?" by Abby Has Issues In the Powder Room. women | butt facials | vagacials | beauty | humor

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My First (and Last) Brazilian or Why I'll Never Have Another Brazilian Again by Foxy Wine Pocket humor | women | grooming | Brazilian wax

My First (and Last) Brazilian - Foxy Wine Pocket

I took the first half of this serious and curious as to where it was going and then almost fell out of chair laughing! HA HA HA !!!

Tuesday's Funny Pictures - 80 Pics

Don't vajazzle your vajiggle jaggle and 20 other things I wish I'd known when I was 20 - Toulouse & Tonic

20 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

I'm Having My Period and Can Therefore Legally Kill You.

"Farewell, My Uterus" by Carpool Goddess because parting is such sweet sorrow. Or is it? women | health | humor | aging

Which Feminine Product Should You Buy? A hilarious "flow" chart by Peyton Price www.inthepowderro... women | periods | humor

vagina cupcakes

Vagina Cupcakes NSFW - COOKING

Birthin' Babies 19th Century Style by Christina Antus via In the Powder Room. A semi-historical (completely hysterical) look at how childbirth has evolved over the centuries.

9 Euphemisms for Vagina I Just Don't Understand by Nicole Leigh Shaw, Typo Aretist for In the Powder Room via HuffPost

9 Euphemisms for 'Vagina' I Just Don't Understand

35 classy slang terms for naughty bits from the past 600 years

35 classy slang terms for naughty bits from the past 600 years

Why do you bother hiding your underwear at the gyno's office? She's gonna be looking right up your hoo-hah. She can handle seeing your panties laying on the chair. | Confession Ecard |

"My period will now be called shark week."

period humor

The Best/Worst "Female" Story You Will Ever Read by Shari Simpson-Cabelin and read aloud at BlogHer12 VOTY Keynote. HILARIOUS! periods | women | menstruation | embarrassing moments

The Best/Worst “Female” Story You Will Ever Read

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Your vagina is kind. Your vagina is smart. Your vagina is important.

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