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Jungkook lockscreen 🌟like/RB if saved🌟

Are You More Harry Potter Or Draco Malfoy?

Are You More Harry Potter Or Draco Malfoy?

Las Frases más Inspiradoras de Harry Potter

I became the pope in a dream the other night, just not officially announced, I was wondering in the dream if the power would go to my head. then the alarm for work

stag patronus

My patronous is a stag like Harry Potter. I took four quizzes online and of them said my patronous was a stag. It means that I am courageous and value others help.

Hard work and a lot of time, but I'm very happy! I hope, you like it, too?

This is good, but Weasleys are pretty much missing -Septimus Weasley was Arthur's father, and if I remember right from the time I examined the Black family tree, Molly comes from somewhere too.