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Excellent! Easily teach students about the nature of scientific inquiry, investigation, & experimental variables.

Excellent and engaging inquiry activity. Students easily teach themselves about the nature of scientific investigation, formulate an inquiry question, & learn to identify experimental variables associated with their investigation.

STEM Engineering Challenge Projects ~ Student LAB Book for any STEM Challenge  $

A lab book designed for students to use during any STEM Engineering Challenge. This easy to assemble lab booklet (with 8 separate lab pages) will guide your

Electricity Lesson - Grades 4 -6

We have a storm here tonight and I couldn't help surfing for amazing lighting pictures.

Explore the concept of energy transfer with marbles and a ruler.  Fun and simple science experiment for kids! #STEM #scienceforkids

Easy DIY experiment to learn conservation of energy and how energy transfers. Materials: marbles and a ruler. Fun for boys and girls! great to show energy