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Ioana Rogojina
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She looked lost!                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Anime picture with original long hair single blush looking at viewer black hair fringe bare shoulders lips face black eyelashes head tilt hand on face girl hands

tinhan123:  it can feel weird to live the life of a freelancer.

"Spending the whole day waiting for the world to come home" is what the little white texts sais.<<<<I have no idea what this is from or even if it's from anything, but I love it anyways.

Knights, Dragons, Pirates, Vampires, Dark art, etc - Συλλογές - Google+

Yichuan Li, aka rikelee is a professional concept artist based in Shanghai, China. From Japanese Geisha, warrior to charming fantasy subjects, Rike’s work captures the soul of characters and rendered in vibrant colors.

Kimono and yukata are considered as Japanese traditional clothes! And they are weared in the special festival all a year!

Kimono and yukata are considered Japanese traditional clothes, they are worn during the special festivals all a year.