Book A Ticket And Just Leave

Book a Ticket and Just Leave.someday I will. :) I don't hate my life, I just yearn for adventure.

the yet non existing ones

Ecovative Design - materials that are renewable, and primarily made from agricultural byproducts. These low-embodied energy materials can be home composted when they’re no longer needed.

Victorinox army knives

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Introduce 'Lifestyle' Tools

From Earth to Desk Toy

Earth Blocks: From Earth to Desk Toy

Created by Japanese design studio Colors Tokyo. 'Lego' blocks made from a composite of the bark of the cedar tree, compressed dust from sawed-off cedar logs, coffee beans and green tea leaves.

moleskin plain sketchbook

I love Moleskine sketchbooks! They are durable, high quality, and easy to take anywhere. My favorite pass time on planes is drawing the people sitting around me.

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