One day I will have a pool in the garden. I will. Until the youngest can swim this is my inspirational board, in my mind...
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an outdoor patio with potted plants and lights
Musing of a witchy writer
Musing of a witchy writer — getaways: @timothywhealon
an outdoor dining area with chairs and umbrellas next to a swimming pool on a deck
Poolen - Hemma hos Fasonblog
Poolen - Hemma hos Fasonblog
an outdoor patio with chairs, tables and umbrellas in front of a brick building
a large white house sitting on top of a lush green field
a white house with an outdoor table and chairs
an outdoor dining table and chairs with umbrellas on the back patio, surrounded by greenery
a large white house with a pool in the front yard
Reveal: Oak Home Pool