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iolite Portable Vaporizer (Black)

This funny looking black thing is a handheld or portable vaporizer called the IOLITE. It runs on butane and has been around for quite some time. There's a tie-dye looking one that looks really cool / psychedelic.

Poker and vapin #vaporizerz #iolite

Poker and vapin

Lol does anyone agree with this? #football

We Interrupt This Marriage for FOOTBALL Season -WOOD SIGN- We definitely need this since we like different NFL teams and have a house divided flag to hang outside our house! This would be the perfect indoor item for football season!

Our #new changeable labels

Our changeable labels

Everyday WISPR

Not just pretty to look at, the portable vaporizer combines first-class design and ease-of-use, fueled by butane


" We were tapped by the world’s leading manufacturer of portable ‘herbal’ vaporizers (yes, those) and asked to help them them create a category. Their previous vaporizer, the IOLITE, was a huge, huge success.