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ione's dream
ione's dream
ione's dream

ione's dream

Jewelry/Jewellery Maker

Scandinavian Styling in a Swedish Homestead | Design*Sponge

Ticket out the door. . .used with a school counseling college awareness lesson.

Core Principles of Trauma-Informed Care: Key Learnings [2 of 3] [Social Work Career Development] What are some of the evidence-based practices for trauma-informed care? Have you wanted to learn more about narrative exposure therapy?...

Love the record covers as decoration, as well as the storage below (in the form of a suitcase).

zzzze:James Sparshatt, El Dandy

By Signe Whitson, LSW for One of my favorite stories about passive aggressive behavior in a marriage goes like this: “Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding the items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled f...

The Boomerang Relationship: Passivity, Irresponsibility and Resulting Partner Anger - article by Dr. Lynne Namka

Mr. Muhammad Ali in Chicago, 1966. Photography by Thomas Hoepker.

Beard beanie jacket coat tumblr Style streetstyle | Raddest Looks On The Internet

The mano cornuto is Italian. The reference is to the horned head of an animal. Whether made as an apotropaic gesture or worn as an amulet, the mano cornuto is used for protection against the evil eye. In this it resembles other hand gestures and hand images that ward off evil, including the hamsa hand, the eye-in-hand, the mano fico (fig hand), and the interlocked thumb gesture. A regionally popular amulet, it is primarily found in Italy and in America among descendents of Italian immigrants.

Sure, everyone likes music. However, if there were one aspect to define me most accurately, it would be music. Although it sounds like a total cliche, music is my life. It's what gave me a purpose. Being awful at sports as a kid, picking up a guitar was a revelation. Having already listened to so much music, its great to know that there is so much more out there... my new favorite band is always waiting for me.

LP Record Stand by LLTTechopark on Etsy, $80.00

Speaker Stands. These could definitely be a good project.