Philippe Packu
Philippe Packu
Philippe Packu

Philippe Packu

Official ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor for Europe. Mind map and iMindMap expert. Professional in business modeling and requirement analysis in the ICT domain.

The belgian sport is doing great, especially in June 2013. However, considered isolated, each performance and its related news is just welcome but it is not as impressive as if you would put all of them together on a mind map.

To be memorable, a mind map does not need to be an artwork but it must contain remarkable and personal elements that reflect some affinity with the subject. With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can probably illustrate each main branch of a mind map to make it unique and help your brain to associate more firmly the content and the way it is presented.

Event captured with a creative and unusual mind map. This time, no papers or software (almost) but real objects placed on the floor, remembering the event.

James Bond 50th anniversary mind map with iMindMap

These hilarious images of IKEA assembly gone wrong is a satirical critique of the mega-store (ads from IKEA Germany). The self-aware series has various furniture items spelling out the words ‘Shit’, ‘Oops’ and ‘Help’ in a bid to promote the furniture retailer’s assembly department.

An odd metal billboard advertising nothing but air. Clean air. ‘Non-Sign II‘ by Lead Pencil Studio was commissioned by the U.S. government to draw attention not to some product or service, but to the landscape.

rubber band a sock over a vacuum to find small lost items

Paint Can Trick-- rubber band. Brilliant!

handmade charging station

genius. I am going to do this immediately if not sooner.

GENIUS! to put screw or nails in the right place, photocopy a template.

What is an infographic?

A clever paint brush holder with magnet, clip and can opener. Great idea!

Lego bridge street art by Megx

Everything at a length of an arm

This little pie chart is the perfect companion for the lonely mathematician or statistician! Simply pop this cutie on your desk and say goodbye to those long nights spent gazing wistfully at bar charts and Venn diagrams.

The safest way to advertise your product (3M advertising).

This creative mind map details the characteristics of one of the stages on Tour the France 2012 (cycling).

Jill Sylvia paper art

The only limit of a mind map is the size of the page. This company is making plenty of giant mind maps (

One of the biggest job exchanges in Germany showing the way to better job and working conditions