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Prayer Calendars

Prayer Calendars

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May 2015 "victory" prayer calendar. Thank God for the victory!!! For free downloadable version & monthly prayer/message email us at calendar@iprayall...

  • Denis Kawili
    Denis Kawili

    Great piece, I thank God for you.

  • faith seleke
    faith seleke

    Thank u

  • Deana Strandberg
    Deana Strandberg

    Praise God!

  • Quetta Hill
    Quetta Hill

    I thank God that its others out here that can help me to be able to help others in a 30 day prayer and also share my story

April 2015 "Healing" prayer calendar. Request a free monthly devotional and downloadable version at calendar@iprayall...

  • Prayer Ministry
    Prayer Ministry

    It depends on your bible translation. Try 3 John 2

  • jeniffer cheptoo
    jeniffer cheptoo

    Thank you

  • Margaret Waite
    Margaret Waite

    Than you, I am enjoying my daily readings. .

  • Carolyn Frisby
    Carolyn Frisby

    I love these prayer calendars!

  • Mieka McFarlane
    Mieka McFarlane

    I love theses caleders... Gets me going in the mornings

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March 2015 Prayer Calendar ~ Walking with God For free monthly devotional & downloadable version of calendar email calendar@iprayall...

  • jackie wilson
    jackie wilson

    Thank you so much. The first verse I look up each morning. GOD Bless

  • Stacey Barber
    Stacey Barber

    Thank u

  • Janice Tutaki
    Janice Tutaki

    Thank You

  • Arleene Enriquez
    Arleene Enriquez

    Let's be Mindful & Pray always, Amen!

February 2015 "Love & Compassion" prayer calendar. Email calendar@iprayall... for a free downloadable version & monthly devotional

January 2015 Prayer calendar ~ God promises

  • Kimma Walker
    Kimma Walker

    .. for the Bible tells me so.

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith

    God Promises

  • Varaidzo Majome
    Varaidzo Majome

    The Word is truth!

  • Joyce Sebataladi
    Joyce Sebataladi

    God is faithful

December 2014 Prayer Calendar. For a Free monthly devotional and a downloadable version of this calendar email us at calendar@iprayall...

  • lakia fontanez
    lakia fontanez

    Dec 2nd verse...Matthew only goes to verse 30 not 39

  • Prayer Ministry
    Prayer Ministry

    lakia fontanez thank you. It should say 29.

November "Thanksgiving" prayer calendar.

  • Odessa Bradford Jackson
    Odessa Bradford Jackson

    Thank you!

  • anita hanna
    anita hanna

    *******Thank you.

October 2014 Prayer "Purpose" calendar

  • Vina Bobb
    Vina Bobb


  • Yvonne Mambi
    Yvonne Mambi

    yes is me !!

  • michelle rodriguez
    michelle rodriguez

    where is the November 2014 calendar? Here it is November 2 and I still don't find November. This is taking me out of my routine and stressing me out. Please I need this calendar.

August 2014 Prayer Calendar. Our prayer focus is "deliverance". Join us as we pray and study the Word of God. For your free monthly devotional email us at calendar@iprayall...

  • Catherine Robinson
    Catherine Robinson


  • jackie wilson
    jackie wilson

    Thank you for all you do in HIS name.

  • alice muguti
    alice muguti

    Awesome- rich calendar ,thank you

July 2014 Prayer Calendar. Our prayer focus is "FAITH". ~ Faith in God makes everything possible.

  • Vina Bobb
    Vina Bobb


  • Calisile Dlamini
    Calisile Dlamini

    I jst needed 2days vs thnx

  • alice muguti
    alice muguti

    I need August prayer calendar

June 2014 Prayer. To request a free downloadable copy email us at calendar@iprayall.... We will focus on "Prayer" this month. Prayer Request? ~

  • Dianah kasule
    Dianah kasule

    very nice

  • Carol Burke
    Carol Burke

    Awewsome calendar

  • Yvonne Mambi
    Yvonne Mambi

    Yes that's me.

May 2014 Prayer Calendar ~ Praise God always

  • Odessa Bradford Jackson
    Odessa Bradford Jackson

    May 2014... Intercession

  • jackie wilson
    jackie wilson

    Thank you. I missed last month.

  • Odessa Bradford Jackson
    Odessa Bradford Jackson

    You're most welcome :-) <>

  • M Sims
    M Sims

    Thank you for creating these monthly calendars and your willingness to share.

April "Healing" prayer calendar Request your Free monthly devotional & downloadable calendar at calendar@iprayall...

  • Calisile Dlamini
    Calisile Dlamini

    This Healing prayer calendar came @ the ryt tym coz I have a wrkmate who is sick and I blve she wil b healed. God planned this healing calendar....awesome God

  • Prayer Ministry
    Prayer Ministry


March 2014 Prayer Calendar. Our focus is " Seeking God". Email us at calendar@iprayall...

February 2014 Prayer Calendar. Our Prayer focus for the month is LOVE ❤. To request a copy email us at calendar@iprayall...

  • Copy Cat Couponer
    Copy Cat Couponer

    Love this!!

  • Barbara Cowgill
    Barbara Cowgill

    Thank you!

  • Cassandra Finn-Anderson
    Cassandra Finn-Anderson


  • Christine Merten
    Christine Merten

    thank you

  • ingalisa burns
    ingalisa burns

    Thank you

January 2014 Prayer Calendar. Our focus for the month is restoration and renewal. Request your copy at mailto:calendar@i...

  • Melinda Vela
    Melinda Vela

    going to try to get more into a spiritual life

  • Terry Davis
    Terry Davis

    thanks a wonderful ideas to help me more with my spiritual growth.

December 2013 Prayer calendar. Our Savior has come! We are celebrating the birth and life of Jesus.

November 2013 Prayer Calendar. Our focus for the month is "Thankfulness" What are you thankful for?

  • Gina King-Wilkins
    Gina King-Wilkins

    I am thankful to see the new month start; anticipating 30 days straight of thankful prayer.

  • Juanita Palmer-Newsome
    Juanita Palmer-Newsome

    I am so thankful to be alive

  • Edilma Ifill-Johnson
    Edilma Ifill-Johnson


  • Cheryl Hill
    Cheryl Hill

    I am thankful for my family and for being able to know there is a God and to know Christ died for us for our sins

  • Faith Tau
    Faith Tau

    I am thankful for how He has looked after me this year,I thought I would not be able to do so many things and now its almost the end of the year and as I reflect on how my year was I realize that He has been there with me through it all. THANK YOU GOD..!!!

Our October Calendar is here! Please check your email or you can request your FREE copy at mailto:calendar@i.... Our prayer focus is *Praise*.

September 2013 "family" prayer calendar

August "faith" calendar

  • Cheryl Wiley
    Cheryl Wiley

    Thank you.

Twitter prayer sessions

July 2013 Prayer Calendar. Our focus for the month is "Peace" To join our mailing list email us at mailto:calendar@i...

June 2013 " Success" Prayer Calendar