an outdoor chandelier made out of wine and beer bottles. I'd make a Christmas light strand into beer outdoor lights


Ruby Spirit Designs - In my garden workshop in Yorkshire, I create a range of jewellery and accessories which celebrate vintage style. Vintage images, ephemera and broken treasures are salvaged and repurposed to form a quirky, wearable collection.


The reason Virgos don't respond well to criticism is because internally, they are already extremely aware of their own faults and are working on fixing them - they were hoping no one else had noticed them. -- my moon sign, and so true!


Sacred Geometry You exist in time the world of time stop,, living in a Your consciousness. You are conscious of your consciousness, and that is the whole art of meditation; becoming conscious of subconsciousness itself.


Horoscope is the best way to know what your stars foretell. Now today you can predict your future and major events that could happen in your life based on your zodiac sign from our astrology software.


'Good Parts Of Bad Dreams' - NoPattern Studio / Chuck Anderson 2011 : Art, design, photography, creative direction.

One of my favorite decks.

Divination: "The Gilded Tarot (Book and Tarot Deck Set)," by Barbara Moore (Author) and Ciro Marchetti (Artist).

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