Collective Nouns For Groups Of Animals

Collective Nouns for Animal Groups.I'm kind of doubting the credibility of this pin, however, after reading "a blessing of unicorns.

"That's very helpful," he said in a melodic voice that held grassroot tones.

Voice adjectives: "And through the brittle air, her honeyed voice sang the most beautiful broken tune I have ever heard"

Dropping these 5 words and phrases is going to make your writing a whole lot stronger.

Infographic: These 5 words are making you a weaker writer

100 Colorful Words to Use in Place of “Said”

CLASSROOM: Handout or mini-poster on colorful words writers can use instead of "said." Students can put the b&w version in their writing notebooks for reference.

awesome alternatives

Nick and I were just talking at work about how often I use the word awesome. 20 Words to Use Instead of Awesome Infographic

100 Words that Sound Smart for a smart character. Plan: find out what half these words mean then use them.

(Vocab) 100 Words that Sound Smart for a smart character. Plan: find out what half these words mean than use them.

Latin phrases you should know - The Plain Language Programme

Writing Tip - Latin phrases every writer should know. caveat emptor, persona non grata, prima facia. (pretty much what Sky quotes all of the time) Good to know

100 ways to say great

Upscale your vocabulary: 100 ways to say Great-would love to do these posters with synonyms as decor even at study or homework area

He’s (NOT) Just A #Crush: 14 #Crazy Things We All Do When We Are REALLY Crushing On Someone

Lol despite the profanity this made me laugh - who hasn't been there.and it was grand 34 Quotes about First Love Everyone Has to Read .

Turn milk into plastic with vinegar! Such a cool science experiment for kids, preschoolers and adults too

15 Cool Science Activities To Do With Your Kids. Kids are natural explorers, they are constantly thirsty for knowledge and curiosity is their thing. It's really important to feed your child's need (Try New Activities)

Noooooooo! Said is clean! Just Google "said-bookisms" to see how hated substitutes for said are. I used to use anything but said and now cringe when I look at my old stories.

Other Ways To Say "Said" by Osiris Educational. Useful chart, although I've read advice that you should never use anything other than 'said'.


I love words, and the English language is so very vast. Unfortunately we hear so very little of it on a daily basis. Expand your vocabulary; expand your mind.

Synonyms for said

Want to spice up your writing? This article: Life Hackable: 234 College Level Synonyms for “Said" might just save your life. Great list of words that will help any writer change things up.


What about Fear of water? Phobias: xenophobia definition is a bit simplistic; yes 'strangers' but also more towards the fear of foreigners. Usually, used socially and culturally than just 'strangers' but I digress.