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Wrapped up ep 2 last night by welcoming Hodge to the Shadow World! shadowhunters Jon Cor (Hodge Starkweather), Dominic Sherwood (Jace) and Katherine McNamara (Clary)

Jon Cor as Kyle. Needs to be goofy, but also pull off the anger thing. With darker hair of course.

Slightly freaked out because the guy playing Hodge is hot, which therefore makes Hodge himself attractive, but I'll get past it.

Jon Cor

Shirtless male celebrities and tennis players!

Via Jon Cor's (Hodge) website: posted a photo of a scene between Alec and Hodge. Not sure what episode this is or when the shot was taken only stated it was some days ago.

Jon (Hodge) and Matt (Alec) filming a scene some days ago. From Jon Cor’s wesite