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    A postcard depicting Mevlevi dervishes in the hands of artist Tasnim Baghdadi

    The Beautiful yet dominating Olympias. Angelina Jolie as Alexander's mother.

    Shah's first child, Princess Shahnaz (R) accompanied by mother former Queen Fawzia who was King Farouk of Egypt's sister. Probably 1960's. Shahnaz was married to Ardeshir Zahedi Iran's Foreign Minister and former Ambassador to London and Washington.

    Farah visits Iranian villiage, late 1970's

    WWII/Shahnameh-themed Persian miniatures

    WWII/Shahnameh-themed Persian miniatures

    WWII/Shahnameh-themed Persian miniatures

    Mohammad Reza Shah playing tennis, Saturday Evening Post, April 14, 1962.

    The Pahlavis, Paris Match, September 1981.

    Iran Persia Medal Order of Pahlavi Grand Cross Sash Badge. Silver, gold and enamel with sash. Order of Pahlavi was Pahlavi era's highest decoration

    Mohammad Reza Shah (shown here with King Farouk of Egypt) reported ready to succeed his father Reza Shah in September 1939.

    Farah Pahlavi with friends and supporters of royal family gathered in Paris at the Passy Cemetery in memory of the late Princess Leila (March 27th 1970-June 10th 2001) on the 6th anniversary of her demise

    1962 press photo: Empress Farah with Jackie Kennedy

    Point de Vue Magazine of 1965 compares Soraya and Grace Kelly.

    Point de Vue Magazine of 1965 compares Soraya and Grace Kelly mutual destinies: Reads : Soraya says "YES TO CINEMA" and "NO TO MARRIAGE" Inside reads: "The Star replaces the Princess"

    Soraya and fans in Germany 1955 and on State visit Germany.

    Soraya featured in Middle East magazine, June 2002.

    Rare magazine MI VIDA edited in Chile, South America, December 12nd., 1963. Soraya on the cover.

    Jackie Kennedy giving Farah a tour of the White House, 1962.

    Shah & Soraya vacationing in Miami Beach, Life magazine, Feb 14, 1955.

    Miss Iran 1968 Elaheh Azodi and 1969 Peykan (car)

    Soraya and co-star Richard Harris promoting the Italian film "Three Faces of a Woman", 1964.

    The Persian Prince 1976-77, by Peter Louis Templeton.

    Mohammad Reza Shah autographs portrait for General Zahedi for leading a coup against Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953.

    متاسفانه بانو سيمين بهبهانى ساعاتى پس از بسترى شدن دربيمارستان ازدنيا رفتند.روحش شاد

    Shah of Iran & Walt Disney Riding a Bobsled (animated GIFs)

    Empress Farah and Shah accompanied by Bakhtiar (16January 1979)

    Greek soldiers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

    Photo essay: Hilkers in Darband, north Tehran

    Prince Shahryar Shafiq between his wife Maryam (left) and father-in-law Manuchehr Eqbal (right) in the company of the Shah and Shahbanou, 1970s.

    ... امنیت خاطر با هواپیماهای مسافربریِ

    Dissolution of the Islamic Republic in Iran. Hassan Gorbachev...

    Air transport in Iran – Caricature by Mohamad Amin Aghai

    Hediyeh Tehrāni is a Crystal-Simorgh winning Iranian actress. She is most noted for willingness to play mysterious, stony-faced and cold-hearted women.

    Last family photo of the Shah of Iran in Exile

    Shah of Iran and Walt Disney riding a bobseld

    رویش ناگزیر جوانه