This is perfection. Preach it, Gandalf.
2010s- Although the original passing of the gay marriage law in San Francisco happened before this decade, it was halted from 2008 until Jun 27, 2013. Love=Happiness and giving everyone equal rights for the the happiness one can find in love, no matter the genders in which this "love" is occurring between, is a huge leap with took during this decade. Giving the same rights to gay people as straight people have, to be legally united, is only fair. There should be equality for all, always.
Baby princess + I am The Lord Sean Alinaghian  Trance, music, love, food and meow ❤
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Straight, HUMAN T-Shirt (XS-XL) via Etsy
Love is Love....Any Question?
Erotic Gaysex - Made in India
Erotic Gaysex - Made in India
Gay love.

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Still fighting the same stupid fights after all these years!! But we will always resist & fight back!!  Our beautiful America deserves our never giving up!!  We will be honored to fight for kindness, caring, love & peace.. not the ugly, mean, hateful ways that are showing up every day lately
I have many gay friends that would make good married couples and this is for them. Marcella and I are included in that group. True Love matters!
Gay, straight, bisexual...nobody chose my spouse for me, and I'm not going to choose that for you. We don't do that anymore- that is nobody's right but your own. Love is beautiful.
Yeah, straight people should raise their kids right and beat the shit out of them if they act  out with homosexual tendencies! And don't give me that homophobia bullcrap, I'm Christian not a homophobe! - Mindy
In the same way that you don't have to be an animal to support animal rights, you don't have to be gay to support gay rights. ^RPV DAMN STRAIGHT.  Pun intended :)
I don't say "That's so gay...." (This is hanging on my middle school classroom door.)
If you don't know it, check out the Heterosexuality Questionnaire: