Acoustic Guitar Dream Catcher, by SOS Dream Catchers.

This is probably the coolest thing I've seen so far in Guitar Dream Catcher, by SOS Dream Catchers.

acolline's save of 1970s Tree of Life Huge Textile Wall Art by Robert Matthews on Wanelo

Another beautiful dream catcher found on Etsy. I love the "tree of life" design in this one.


Dream Catchers are one of the most fascinating Traditions of Native Americans. The Traditional Dream Catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative Dreams, while letting positive Dreams through.

that's a tattoo idea! two dream catchers and an owl at the same time. This tattoo is why I fell in love with owls tattoos

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Dimension Material: came from the Ojibwe people. Some believe that the dream catcher is a symbol of unity amongst many native american tribes. While many people now believe that a dream catcher is used to catch bad dreams.

Good night

Dreamcatchers are incredibly powerful spiritual aids. I haven't had a nightmare while sleeping in the room where my dreamcatcher hangs since it was given to me.