VW Bus

a very nice idea! getting a vintage volkswagen & travel to beautiful places.

polka dots

Let's go ride a bike . specifically, a pink polka-dotted bike pink plus polka dots equal perfection

fold out camping car!

Mobile home. On the road, it measures m by m, and once it has arrived at its destination its floorspace can be increased threefold in a matter of seconds. "De Markies" was awarded the Public Prize at the Rotterdam Design Prize


MOWERCYCLE! Human powered lawn-mower

Interesting Idea on cutting the grass and exercise at same time. Not that cutting the grass isn't exercise enough. An improved riding lawn mower! This is how the riding lawn mower should be

Orange camper

Vintage Trailers for Camping in Style — Inspiration Roundup

Color of the week: orange Cool vintage camper trailer - would love to hook this up to the back of my Mini Cooper!

Blue 1955 Fujicabin Minicar

Blue 1955 Fujicabin Minicar -- why would you want to drive a Hummer if you could have this thing?

Brutsch Mopetta 2 stroke 50cc, 1956

Brütsch Mopetta

Brütsch Mopetta ^What's that say? IDK, but I'll take a tiny car thing.

This is great! Would love to be in that VW van

Drive Thru Tree, Sequoia National Forest, California. omg, when i was a little girl; we drove through the drive thru tree in a volkswagon van too.

The Bus. by Tim Navis, via Flickr

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up, up and away! vintage photography look old vw cars. its a buggy would Lamborghini Aventador Phillip Michael's Interpretat.