need help in your math class? Wish I knew about this or had it there to help when I was in school. Good to know for when the kids need help though.

Lots of great math notebook idea

Lots of great math notebook ideas including this one for creating "factor rainbows." Use FACTOR RAINBOWS every year!

7 Essential Procedures to Teach the First Week of School

Practical tips for setting behavioral ground-rules during the first week of school. I really like the bathroom pass idea!

The Ten Commandments of Math - love these!! I can't believe how often I remind(/tell) students that math is _always_ done in _pencil_!

The Ten Commandments of Math Anchor Chart (@ Mrs. Mathis' Grade Math Website) and a host of other useful charted concepts!

More ideas
Should I ever return to college

STOP THE PRESSES! This actually works and is amazing. You can even search articles and case law separately! For all of those last minute school work, it saves a lot of searching!

It doesn't really help with mistakes, since the 'reader' pauses, stops, starts, and just generally uses whatever tone it wants to, regardless of your punctuation... BUT, that said... it's really funny to listen to :D hehe

Copy and paste an essay into Goggle translate to listen for mistakes. This applies to creative writing, too.

I've tried wolframalpha but not this so can't validate but pinning this to check this out later will update

1000 Life Hacks For me when the kids homework gets too hard for me to help them. Will be good for future reference when my kids have hard math problems to solve.

Solve that math problem

Solves math problems fast 1000 Life Hacks // Putting it here because it would be very helpful as I am really not good at math

dandelions and dragonflies: Interactively Math!

dandelions and dragonflies: Interactively Math! Lots of different notes for grade math.

It's a formula

This isn't a life hack, it's what should be taught in school. I wasn't taught to write an 8 page paper and I actually haven't had to yet, but I'm sure this will come in handy come college English