Fun Finds Friday

Translated from Norwegian: Orange fish. Cut up orange slices, and then in two. Place them over each other as shown in the picture. Mouth of the fish is made of carrot, while the eye is a mushroom and a raisin. The bubbles are made of mini-marshmallows!

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Create food art with this Butterfly on a Flower with fruit, ice cream, waffles and candy! Super easy to make.

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Clementine Chicks, great treat for Easter or spring time! From Kitchen Fun from with my 3 Sons

Gemi kurabiye

Cake it Pretty: Nautical Party - How To Make Edible, Sailboat Cupcake Toppers by Bird's Party

lee samantha

Lee Samantha's food-art - Waiting for my ride. Where should I go next? (go around the world series) Ingredients Bear - Tomato fried rice - Nori - Cheese Suitcase - Melted cheese on meat patty - Cheese - Nori Bus stop - Cheese - Nori - Green bean