ME (Emmee) K.
ME (Emmee) K.
ME (Emmee) K.

ME (Emmee) K.

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Jus 'me': a Person,a Mom,a Wife.a Friend....~Friendly,Sensitive,Random, Inquisitive,Pensive,Sentimental,Serious Silly,Romantic,Music addict.Coexist.Dislike BS~

DIY garden hose hanger with 4 x 4 painted wood + finial + hardware store hose holder

Life changing nail hacks, people!! I wish I knew about these tips and tricks a long time ago!!

Survival Hacks

DIY Hacks for Ruined Clothes. Awesome Ideas, Tips and Tricks for Repairing Clothes and Removing Stains in Clothing | An Easy Way to Fix Holes in Your Jeans and Other Garments |

How to Make a Quilter's Knot. Once I get this down to memory, this will revolutionize hand sewing for me!!!

Sewing Hacks | Best Tips and Tricks for Sewing Patterns, Projects, Machines, Hand Sewn Items. Clever Ideas for Beginners and Even Experts | Trim Edges Of Your Corner Seams Before Turning Inside Out |

Over 50 Step-By-Step Sewing Tutorials from Many of these detailed sewing tutorials include video instructions.

Damaged furniture doesn't have to be thrown away. Marian Parsons suggests hiding imperfections on furniture with decoupage. She used aged sheets of music to hide imperfections on this neglected dresser, while also giving the all-white bedroom a shabby chic look. Other items great for decoupaging furniture are maps, book pages, letters and postcards. "The treatment will hide gouges, water marks, missing veneer and other signs of abuse on furniture," she says. Decoupaging furniture will also a...

Old door turned coat rack! I love this because it's flat to the wall for small spaces.

Love Is In The Air With This Twisting Pinwheel Heart Wall Hanging

Set-in circles in 6 minutes...old Simply Quilts tute by Dale Fleming -- free Marble Champ Quilt pdf here:

Great tutorial on how to bind your quilt with the sewing machine using a flat fell foot to keep the binding and stitching even on front/back. Great concept for those of us who do not have the patience to do all that hand sewing!

Magic Binding - this technique had disappeared from the Web for a while. So glad it's back

Learn how to make tissue paper flowers with this easy step-by-step tutorial, featuring instructions for making three different types of blooms.. #FeelGlade #CG

Now don’t you feel like you know your portable device so much better now? | 19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know

Life Hacks, actually a few I haven't seen before. Plus a few that I already do. Have you done any of these? I've always used newspaper to clean windows. Useful Life Hacks, Life Hacks Useful Life Hacks, Life Hacks


How to thrift like a pro!