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nnkw777: [KING]

Porque todos guardamos un alma guerrera. this artwork is very creative because it show a little tough girl who has a crown on her head and has a lion in her shadow, showing that she is king

je ne sais pas vous, mais je m'imagine dans le roman Lux tome 1. Ceux qui l'ont lu seront peut-être de mon avis :)

love pretty beauty drawing Illustration art couple boyfriend cute adorable Cool anime beautiful forever sky Awesome galaxy stars manga night sky blue hug amazing crush Anime Couple love forever couple girfriend couple hug <<< this is clearly the doctor!

Impression dArt ballerine Tutu bleu violet oeuvre par EwArtStudio

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Anairë by: Liga-Marta

A different world Dark fairytales illustrations by Latvia based artist Liga Klavina Cinderella Enmeshed in nan elmoth Parting is always sad Legolas Left at home Imprisoned Happy end Glass slipper Commission… Continue Reading →