Comfortable Camping Couches. I NEEEDS it! So long camp chairs. heheheehe

Comfortable Camping Couches : Eastpak Sofa

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To live by the sea.

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The Go Camper Trailer

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Add-a-room - I bet this would be able to work with dogs.

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How to identify poison ivy. Useful for camping!

How to Avoid Poison Ivy
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dreamy A

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Helpful camping knots. Click one—an animation shows how it's tied.

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I'm pinning this so I can remember this site--camping supplies outlet

Hot Plate - Single Burner

I want this with me outside fishing for breakfast and her just waking up in our cozy little tent

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Tips for Backpacking Alone, SoloTravelerBlog

Backpacking Alone: hiking solo means less margin for error.

Don't like having a "lazy" vacation? Here is your guide for a vacation the exact opposite of lazy!

Going to Extremes: US Travel for the Adventurer

Top Pet Friendly RV Parks | Vogel Talks RVing

My DREAM HOME RV!!! (well 99%... brighter color pops, maybe not gold/brass fixtures & maybe 2 recliners instead?).... amazing fifth wheel makeover, lots of pics

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A Checklist for Camping With Your Dog

This heater you can use in your tent! I like to go camping when it is cold out, and this really heats up your tent in minutes. Uses a regular sized propane take you get from any store. Be sure to get the carry bag to keep it clean when not using it.

Community Post: You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

Backpacker’s Checklist | 22 Absolutely Essential Diagrams You Need For Camping

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10 of the best camping apps! And lots of other top 10 camping lists (activities, food, organizing, etc)

101 Camping Tips & Ideas | The Dating Divas

Tarp shelters

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7 places in Georgia you have to visit that you didn't know existed

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The 35+ Best RV Must Haves as Told by Seasoned RV Owners -Posted 6 MAY, 2014

The 35+ Best RV Must Haves as Told by Seasoned RV Owners

Lumber Crayon - While you're hiking home from whatever disaster you are surviving, it's not a bad idea to leave a trail of markings along your trek in case a rescue team is out looking for you. These crayons write on wet or dry wood, metal, concrete and most other surfaces.

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Our travel trailer redo! Small tips and a basic rundown of the small changes that made a big difference!

Our Anchored Home: Before & After

Hiking Socks and Sock Liners - Ultimate Backpacking Blister Prevention

Prevent Blisters