Flavored Water..

Flavored water 12 recipes, SO much healthier than serving soda or other sugary drinks!FRUIT WATER(Pictured) 1 each apple, lemon, orange, pear 4 large strawberries Handful of raspberries Handful of mint leaves 1 half-gallon of water

Freeze different fruit juice in ice trays and put in glass. Pour sprite over ice cubes. Great flavor

Rainbow drink -make colored ice cubes (with kool aid or juice), stack in tall glasses and pour in ginger ale.jpg Instead just some blue kool-aid and grape kool-aid as ice cubes with sprite or or ginger ale.

Strawberry Iced Tea Recipe... perfect for summertime!

For Easter or Mother’s Day, Strawberry Iced Tea is delish! The recipe is from Shangri-La Tea Company. RECIPE: Strawberry Iced Tea 2 cups whole frozen

Punch ~ some added vodka or champange would be nice

Princess Punch: 1 46 oz can pineapple juice 1 6 oz can frozen pink lemonade 2 cups water 3 28 oz bottles ginger ale 1 qt strawberry ice cream Mix.

Naturally Flavored Water by theyummylife: Make your own healthy, fruit and herb infused waters. Easy and inexpensive, the possibilities are endless! #Flavored_Water #theyummylife

Fruit & Herb Flavored Water

Naturally Flavored Water -- An easy formula for making an endless variety of fruit and herb infused waters. Say goodbye to soda, juice, and bottled water! We've been trying these recipes and they're yummy and refreshing; will be perfect for summer!

The Deen Bros Bobby’s Lighter Iced Double-Chocolate Mocha Frappe

Only 69 calories. Light Iced Double-Chocolate Mocha Frappe by Bobby Deen .for Naomi, the iced coffee queen :)

Red clover lemonade. Beautiful and refreshing!

Red Clover Lemonade - When we were little girls, we used to pull off the "petals" of red clover blossoms and suck the sugary syrup out of the white ends. never knew then that red clovers were actually good for you!


Easy Chai Tea Recipe

9 Hot Drinks for Winter: Cozy up with these delicious cold-weather beverages. {Pictured is Easy Chai Tea.

Strawberries, sprite, red wine

Red wine, diced strawberries, peaches, pears, sprite and ice. I'd substitute sangria for red wine . something sweeter and not as heavy as red wine.

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