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Wheelbarrow Planters - Reuse Re Purpose Recycle

Car of flowers...Somewhere between their laughs, their fights, and their friendship, they fell in love. Romance book by Clarissa Cartharn - Scent of Roses-!scent-of-roses/c1edq or

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We purchased 2 of these vintage sewing cabinets at a moving sale. We only wanted & needed one, but the seller was very motivated to sell them at a great price i…

Flower Garden Ideas for Your Landscape

-- Use geometry to contrast or complement; here, the flowerbed's curving borders repeat in the gentle edging of lawn. -- Plants chosen in mostly similar hues -- lavender, light purple, and fuchsia, for example -- offer a soothing palette for the garden.

25 Garden Edges and Borders

Landscape Edging Idea - Easier to mow right up to the edge of the border without using a weed eater

Bright and colorful flower garden. A Kincaid garden tag is the only plant label you'll ever need.