Why read it if there's a movie... why breathe? lol

My friend said this about Harry Potter apparently she watched the first movie and hated it so she's not going to eat the books. My offer friend watched the fault in our stars movie and now she isn't going to eat the book

"lol every one of you." No! LOVE!!

My favorite tumblr post ever. Thank you wadjet for blessing my life with this :')

Ship name Yahoogle?<<<Do not make me start shipping search engines I have way to many ships already sailed, and at the point they have gone to far and I'm drowning

28 Totally Relatable Quotes About Books - I have probably pinned this several times already...oh, well.

"Picking five favorite books is like picking the five body parts you'd most like not to lose" -- Neil Gaiman YES!


I don't think anyone understands how hard I am laughing right now. <--- I got this like in a second. :P <<<< Jar Red Pad Dalek Key? Oh Jared padalecki

I also raised one of my (many) wands the day I heard Alan Rickman had died, I could not stop crying because he has been one of my acting idols for years.P Alan Rickman, R.P Carrie Fisher

On your left, DC.

Wonder Woman coming out in 2017 (which just begun production) with a cameo in "Batman v. Marvel's "Captain Marvel" postponed to What, "Black Widow" movie? Sorry, I love Marvel, but. On.

Pizza, it's always pizza. Never change Jen.

So when he says "you love me, real or pizza?' I say, "PIZZA!

Civil War, I really hope Cap gets to "win" this time.

from Civil War. I would love to see this storyline in the movies, but there's no way you can convincingly write movie-verse Tony like this.he's been through too much and it too different than 616 Tony.