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Discover what God has in store for your New Year. Combine Bible study with grace goals for revolutionary change. Take your own personal spiritual retreat with the mini-workshops and printables. Leave New Year Resolutions behind and opt for real change.

Look for how God is weaving your past with your present in anticipation of what He has for your future. – Christi Gee And suddenly you know…It’s time to start something new and tr…

Say So by Israel Houghton.wmv

Say So by Israel Houghton.wmv (up tempo)

I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe

I can only imagine - one of my all time fave Christian songs !


May God bless all my family and friends who need miracles. Strengthen all who are weak. Lighten those who carry heavy burdens. The power of prayer, pass it on!

Rules of the house :)

always tell the truth - use kind words - keep your promises - giggle and laugh - stay happy and be positive - love one another - always be grateful - forgiveness is mandatory - give thanks for everything - try new things - say please and thank you - smile