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How this scene SHOULD have played, lol!

How this scene SHOULD have played, lol!<---- it kinda pisses me of when they are like kill the "monster" sibling when if the roles were reversed.

(GIF SET) 8x17 Goodbye Stranger | "I won't hurt Dean. He's a good man"------ I straight up cried like a child during this scene

I love the fact that Dean heard all the things Cas said to Naomi (or whatever her name is), I mean he had to hear it bc he did ask Cas;" Bc Cas said it out loud. That means Dean heard Cas say; "I won't hurt Dean"

I....I.....just can't even..... gif 7x06 Slash Fiction

Iliked Leviathan Dean and Sam, they were appropriately sarcastic and basically just Jensen and serious Jared. Jensen and serious Jared?

his smile!! Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester - Supernatural gif

no one should be surprised about this board bc it was going to be made eventually so might as well do it now Jensen Ackles

Blink. gif

Doctor: It seems she died from lack of oxygen. Detective: This gif was on her phone when we unlocked it Doctor: *gasps* it all makes sense now