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I've always found airport runways exciting-- the beginning of adventure.

This is a picture of an airport runway. I have pinned this picture because when I have finished school I would love to go and travel and see as many different places and landmarks possible.

Dedicated to Clarinetists!!

I actually laughed out loud at this! But you have to play clarinet to get it. <--- A friend of mine plays clarinet, I play sax. But I just find this funny!

... oh, you're right! it DOES only have two! LOL I've always counted it with THREE syllables! lol

Music geeks: tri-po-let, you know it! Also count, hipp-o-pot-a-mus!

7 Tips for Surviving a Red Eye Flight

There's no doubt about it, I love to travel, and when I do I actually prefer taking a red eye flight {gasp! You can save time because it doesn't cut into one of your vacation days.

Airports are fun! The prospect of travelling somewhere new is always exciting. Then there’s the reality of moving through an airport to realize that air ports are actually in no way exciting, but rather...

Comfortable Cardigan ° Loose Fitting T-shirt ° Dark Sunglasses ° Your Comfiest Jeans ° An Oversized Scarf ° Comfortable Flat Shoes (good to know)

10 Day Packing List 20 pieces in a carry-on for Day wear built from my Capsule wardrobe. #packinglist #travellight #capsule

10 Day Packing List 20 pieces in a carry-on for 10 days- packing list- capsule wardrobe- traveling light- packing made easy- minimal