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Cute stuff

Cute stuff

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lynx baby

You've been Stumbled!


Baby Sloth

Ducklings in Tree Hollow


Ravenwhimsy's Wonderful World — mistymorrning:

A cat is a cat is a cat.

If I fits, I sits: the big cat version…

!Never saw one this color before. Grey & Black Kitten".

Portrait of the golden tiger by Tambako the Jaguar,: A golden tabby tiger is one with an extremely rare color variation caused by a recessive gene and is currently only found in captive tigers. Like the white tiger, it is a color form and not a separate species. In the case of the golden tiger, this is the wide band gene; while the white tiger is due to the color inhibitor (chinchilla) gene. #Golden_Tiger

Swan with Babies

That's My Mummy ~ Dreamy Nature


Community Post: Awwwww ...

cutest. and also slightly terrifying considering how mean most raccoons are...

Community Post: Raccoon Holding Kitten.

Aww Baby elephants

29 Adorable Photos Of Baby Elephants To Brighten Up Your Day

Here is todays cute animal overload | Awesomely Cute, Cute Kittens, Cute Puppies, Cute Animals, Cute Babies and Cute Things in General

Here is todays cute animal overload

The three-toed sloths are tree-living mammals from South and Central America. They are the only members of the genus Bradypus and the family Bradypodidae. There are four living species of three-toed sloths

PHOTO: Little Sloth Really Wants To Be Your Friend

David Jenkins has spent 10 years documenting the bond between mother polar bears and their newborn cubs

Cute polar bear cub gets a lift in set of heartwarming images

So cute

42 Little Creatures Too Cute To Be Real!


Just gorgeous ♥




With baby...

Black Smoke Maine Coon

THIS bubbly little guy right here.

Everybody Loves a Good Bubble Bath!