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This tank by a Turkish aquascaper finished third at the 2013 Planted Design Contest. 'Charm of Light'

Use of driftwood in aquascapes. Planted Aquarium Design entitled "Charm of Light" by Timucin Sagel of Istanbul, Turkey. Like walking through a forest.

Aqua Farm Self Cleaning Fish Tank.. want these for the betas, but they are pricey

Aqua Farm Self Cleaning Fish Tank. want these for the betas, but they are pricey This isn't enough space for a Betta fish to live in.Fish have a life too they aren't just for show.

-use gold leaf, oriental wallpaper element. *北京华尔道夫酒店 Waldorf Astoria Beijing_极致之宿

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Dramatic stairs, charcoal and gold and the perfect accent lighting. This is a focal point of lighting. It accents the walls and goldish stairs

This might just be the coolest ceiling paint I've ever seen. I love Asian inspired decor.

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