Izabela Sędzik

Izabela Sędzik

Izabela Sędzik
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bead flower bracelet - #seed #bead #tutorial

6 seed bead for inner ring 2 strings from two sides of one seed ring big bead on both strings add one seed bead to each string add a third seed bead and cross strings through it back to inner ring same way

Try-to-be-better: Mingles

y-to-be-better: Mingles. (MIni-bead bangles) by Sabine Lippert. Uses Swarovski's mini-beads , pearl or druks, and sead beads.

Jewel School: Satellites Bracelet

Jewel School: Satellites Bracelet (I like the end caps; the sliders could be used as earrings, or attach 2 vertically to make a pendant)

cubic right angle weave - riviera bracelet - YouTube

La Perla Benatta Handmade Bead Jewelry Present - Step by Step Silence Bead Tutorial from my latest Beadwork Project: Tag und Nacht Cubic RAW Bracelet in two .

DIY t-shirt cat cave from Tipsy Elves and repurposed / upcycled thrift store tee shirt cat toys by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Your old t-shirts are PERFECT for repurposing and upcycling into play things for your cat! Create an easy DIY cat cave with a large cardboard box- kitty will love the new hidey hole. And you can add to it with t-shirt pompom and catnip toys- super easy to