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Quilting - Trapunto

The term "trapunto" means "to embroider" in Italian, and "to prick with a needle" in Latin. When speaking of this quilting technique, both meanings apply. Trapunto is a technique which may be done by hand or machine that creates a noticeably raised design. In trapunto, also known as "stuffed work" by American and English quilters, extra padding is slipped behind the quilt top to create the puffed effect.

The French form of trapunto known as "boutis". Whole cloth, usually white and raised images. Delicately striking.

Victoria & Albert Museum. Detail tristan trapunto quilt circa 1360-1400 a.d.

peony - detail by Catherine Rosselle, via Flickr - hand work

An Elephant a Day: Elephant No. 161: Trapunto likely originated in Italy sometime during the fourteenth century A.D. One of the earliest surviving quilts in the world—the Tristan Quilt, housed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London—features trapunto. Made in Sicily during the second half of the fourteenth century as a wedding gift, the quilt is made from two layers of linen, some of which are stuffed in the characteristic trapunto style.

The Tristan quilt, oldest preserved quilt in the world. Made in Sicily ca. 1360-1400. Artist unknown.

Victoria & Albert Museum. Detail tristan trapunto quilt circa 1360-1400 a.d.

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breathtaking....wish I could see the whole quilt.

trapunto - tutorial in Russian on how to do this work - Google Translate does a really good job of rendering this site into English (can't do much for the how-to videos though)

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