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Ocean life

Ocean life

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Clione limacina )sea angel)by Alexander Semenov.



A Lion's Mane jellyfish wraps its tentacles around a Moon jellyfish, which it is devouring


Starfish Colony - West Coast of New Zealand

Seahorse on Sea Pen

SEAHOSE 02.jpg | Gunther Deichmann

sea slug

The Sea Slug Forum - Glaucus atlanticus
  • Jeannie Rash
    Jeannie Rash


^Red Sea Anemonefish

Red Sea Anemonefish - Nature Blogger

This is a closeup of the tentacles of Portuguese Man O’War (Physalia physalis), or Bluebottle, is a jellyfish-like marine cnidarian of the family Physaliidae!!!! its venomous tentacles can deliver a powerful sting. Photo by Simon de Glanville

This crinoid (also known as a feather star) Liparometra regalis, Micronesia. The white "fuzzy" look to the coral are the coral polyps feeding.

Goldspec jawfish

Octopus :: Kirk McGuire

Kirk McGuire | A1 Pictures

Nudibranch Janolus barbarensis -- Santa Barbara • Photographer: Douglas Klug

CalPhotos: Janolus barbarensis; Santa Barbara Janolus Nudibranch



Moon on turquoise sea

Papuan Jellyfish

Papuan Jellyfish Mastigias Papua, Palau by Hiroya Minakuchi

Reef Life

chambered nautilus

lizard Island octopus, found at the Great Barrier reef

33 Utterly Strange Sea Animals

♥ Basking sharks

Images: Sharks & Whales from Above

Rare White Humpback Whale Spotted Near Norway : TreeHugger

Rare White Humpback Whale Spotted Near Norway


'sunflower' coral ~ by Pietro.Cremone, via Flickr