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Silent Retreat

Silent Retreat

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A Simple Nature by brittnibear21

A Simple Nature by brittnibear21 on deviantART

"Inside Out": Searching within! Finding Happiness Movie

"Inside Out": Searching within! Finding Happiness Movie

Amazing Pool

Yoga Bella water garden sculpture

The Entrance to Oneness - Ram Dass

The Entrance to Oneness - Ram Dass

“Forgiveness means letting go of the hope for a better past.” — Lama Surya Das (Jonathan Carroll)

Buddhist Statue Jizo, Daisho-In Temple - Miyajima, Japan A buddhist statue of Jizo at Daisho-In Temple at Miyajima, Japan.

A small Buddhist statute at Hase-dera temple, Kamakura, Japan

pema chodron

The Schumann Resonance is a natural rhythm found in multiple places within the human organism, and it is inherent to functioning at our most efficient, sustainable, and coherent state. The human body cavity resonates at 7.8 Hz. Our Alpha and Theta brain waves both border the frequency of 7.8 Hz. These brain waves are associated with insight, intuition, inspiration, meditation, relaxation, and calmness.


a portable pause


Buddha / Ayuthaya, Thailand

Laughing Buddha - Japan

Reflective monkey.

Buddha statue and monkey on his shoulder.

Great school project! Teach your kids about random acts of kindness. Join in on the movement and like our page... where we are working to pay our blessings forward each day. We hope to inspire you and give you ideas as well as have you post your ideas for us!



Beautiful vignettes.

Ganesha, remove all obstacles in my path.

Up, close and personal -