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LARGE custom designed one year baby infographic, one year birthday infographic, digital file. Love this idea

seven summits. by audree lapierre of ffunction.

Infographic of the Day: The World’s Most Imposing Mountain Peaks

Seven Summits by Audree Lapierre of ffunction. Like the layout of this infographic, when I've finished creating the destinations of the time machine I might collage an info graphic out of them.

infographic, energy independence, green design, sustainable design, renewable energy, green energy, clean tech, self-sufficient living

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Achieve Energy Independence Through Off-Grid Living

infographic energy independence green design sustainable design renewable energy green energy clean tech self-sufficient living

11-untranslatable-words-from-other-cultures_52152bbe65e85.png 700×5.295 pixels

11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures #infographic

Funny pictures about 11 Untranslatable Words. Oh, and cool pics about 11 Untranslatable Words. Also, 11 Untranslatable Words.


Free Resource Friday: National Environmental Education Week

Environmental Education and STEM: science, technology, engineering & math. The environment is a compelling context for teaching and engaging today's students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Going Green Is Growing Important to Small Businesses

Going Green Is Growing Important to Small Businesses

The new Office Depot Small Business Index reports 61 percent of small businesses are actively trying to go greener and 70 percent anticipate becoming more environmentally conscious in the next two years. We definitely are part of this small business list!