for the trigger happy

The Bang Bang handle Nikita Kovalev of Napalm Design is a doorknob cast in the shape of real Russian Gun, a Makarov Pistol to be exact.

Landscape Products | Stacking Cabinet "TREE" for kids - CHIGO

To know more about Landscape Products Stacking Cabinet "TREE" for kids, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 290 other Landscape Products items too!

Good Boy, Good Puppy Lamps. A fun variation on the horse lamp of Moooi.

Pooping Dog Lamps - Good Boy and Good Puppy are two, pooping dog, floor lamps designed by Whatshisname. To turn the lamps on or off, one must step on a fake dog crap.

Nice relaxing chair

Bravo Chair by Matte Nyberg

Due to my first ever design assignment at University I always have a weak spot for smart cardboard design.

128 Cardboard: A Clever Recycled Cardboard Fruit Bowl by SEMdesign

128 Cardboard: A Clever Recycled Cardboard Fruit Bowl by SEMdesign by Ana Lisa Alperovich,

You can call this kitsch I think. But kitsch can look good of course.

iPhone speaker prototype in the form of a reel-to-reel player, by Jonas Damon.

But how to put the saucers in the dish washer?

Coffee Table With Built-In Saucers Means No More Stressing Over Coasters

Brandon Gore's Orson Coffee Table takes care of that whole looking for a coaster to put your drink on situation. The table has a row of saucers built in to provide plenty of safe spots to put your beverage.

Smart design. This table is made of one plate. See article.

The Rising Table

Wooden Table Ventilated Surface - Intriguing Creative Design – A Flexible Wooden Table


A designer from Argentina, Sebastian Lara Dris, designed and created a desk that would both allow you charge your Apple devices while you use them and to work with them in an ergonomically correct fashion.

A robot wine rack...

The most AWEsome wine bottle rack you've EVER seen! Half Ton Transformer-style Wine Rack made of auto transmission parts


Materious Cubby coat hook and storage - modern - hooks and hangers - chicago - materious