Make hex nut bracelet by your own:- For making hex nut bracelet we need jump rings, hex nuts, rat-tail cord and a pliers.... click on picture to read more

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In that romantic holiday where creativity prevails, to come up with nice valentines’ day gift ideas will further enhance the amazing and cheery festival atmosphere. Therefore, you will be interested in this how to make bracelets with beads and wire tutorial.

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wire wrap a bead

jewelrybeading: Beading Tutorial-How to Wrap Wire with a Bead

Good video on wire wrapping technique that can be modified for several different types of pendants (esp those that are irregularly shaped). // Update: I sat down with the wire and tools I had and wrapped a round pendant with no problem! Easy to follow video.

Wire Wrap a Pendant With Video

Silver and Gemstone Jewelry by Carol Canter

Sea Blue Chalcedony Shimmers

Gem Necklace.

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Pearls and Peridot Time Two instructions

Pearls and Peridot Times Two

Pearl Bridal Necklace with Tiffany Blue Bow

Project Wedding

Photo via Project Wedding

Pearl Bracelet

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Silver Wire Wrapped Natural Amethyst Crystal Point

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simple wire work pendant tutorial

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Pearls with brown bow

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Pearls with brown bow

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Free - White Pearl Rope Tutorial

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crystal earrings tutorial

long crystal earrings

Wire wraped Bead Tutorial.

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Enhanced Green Agate (Rnd), Fresh Water Pearl Fish Hook Earrings in Sterling Silver 10.780 Ct.

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Mia Earrings : Jewelry & Bead Projects :  Shop |

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DIY pearl & gold charm bracelet

How To Make a Bracelet 1 | Pinterest Tutorials

DIY Gift Ideas: 4 1-2 hour Projects

12 DIY Gift Ideas

DIY sliding knot bracelets

Honestly WTF

DIY Sliding Knot Bracelet

Slave Bracelet

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