Funny Seasonal Ecard: Do you admire my Southern drawl? We speak like this because it's too hot to talk any faster!


southern food staples (as a vegetarian I can't eat most of these. but I do loooove mac cheese, fried okra, sweet tea and fried green tomatoes!


Southern Sayings What in Tarnation meaning what in the heck has happened here. Heard this all the time and I've never known what exactly Tarnation meant!


although we're not technically in the south it makes me think of my little country man! love it.

RC Cola and a Moon Pie

RC Cola and a Moon Pie - The kids loved moonpies. I still get them once in a while. Only drank RC Cola occasionally, but wasn't a big fan.

Pitching a fit

Are ya'll pitchin' a fit? It's even worse if y'all are pitchin' a hissy fit!

Use: "Boy, she's all tore up about it!"

we're all tore up about it.he/she's all tore up.it's so interchangeable and quite appropriate here in the South.