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Tlingit house post in the clan house at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage Alaska. Artist Israel Shotridge.

"Hall of Nations" Totem Pole 12 ft carved for the US Forest Service Headquarters, in Washington, DC. Artist Israel Shotridge.

10 ft Replica of the Sun and Raven Totem Pole was commissioned by a Native art collector and stands in Garrison, New York. Artist Israel Shotridge.

Quileute Cemetery Archway Project. Two 15ft totem poles with a 30 ft canoe facade. Located in La Push, Washington. Artist Israel Shotridge.

Mother Brown Bear 10 ft House Post Sealaska Corporation On-loan, Alaska State Senate Office Washington, D.C. Artist Israel Shotridge.

Man Wearing the Bear Hat,14 ft Totem located at Totem Bight State Park, Ketchikan, Alaska. Artist Israel Shotridge.

Bottom view of the Ketchikan Indian Community Tlingit Totem Pole. Mother and child figures dressed in traditional robes, head dresses, and moccasins. Last figure on the pole is a woman weaving a cedar bark basket, with a cedar bark hat and shall.. Along the sides of the pole on each side is seaweed and floral designs. At the bottom of the pole is a bentwood box. Artist Israel Shotridge.

Top of the Ketchikan Indian Community Tlingit Totem Pole. Eagle and Raven at the top, Figure holding a copper shield, a healing hand drum, and a carver holding a mask and adz tool. Artist Israel Shotridge.

Ketchikan Indian Community, Tlingit Totem Pole. 50 ft Totem Pole, located in Ketchikan, Alaska. Artist Israel Shotridge.

Lower half of the 55 ft Chief Johnson Pole, located in Ketchikan Alaska. Legend of the Fog Woman. Artist Israel Shotridge.

Eyak 8 ft House post in the clan house at the Anchorage Native Heritage Center. Artist Israel Shotridge standing next to the house post.