light bulb art! Cast your designs on the walls. Very cute!

Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb, that the design will cast on your wall at night. How adorable for a child's room -- Even let child design their own lightbulb and watch their art project on the wall!

Sharpie project & firing directions! Finally someone got it right & was honest & detailed about color fading!

DIY///FOR TEACUPS WE MAKE: Sharpie markers on plates: Another great project/ gift idea with Sharpies. Personalized designs on plain white china dishes using Sharpie pens. Doodling In My Mind

More ideas
Beautiful colored zentangle doodles from -- amazing both in color and design

Beautiful colored zentangle doodles from HelloAngelCreativ. -- amazing both in color and design

Illustrating the Elements. Beautiful line art, doodle art, pen art. HOWEVER, I went to buy some of these pens and discovered they are NOT waterproof! Prone to fading.


mandala color I totally want to do one of these pen doodle things when I have the time.

paisley/flower doodle...looks like folk are...might be gorgeous in color too...

Given below is a list of some great doodle art tutorials. Have a look just before you try making one. Making a doodle can be fun and relaxing and its a great

Дудлинг — это бессознательный рисунок, сделанный во время какого-то занятия. Это те самые каракули, цветочки, елочки, или даже цельные образы, которые мы рисуем, сидя на лекции, скучном совещании или во время долгого телефонного разговора. Казалось бы, что в этом интересного? Нарисовал и выкинул... если бы не одно но. Есть люди, которые, рисуя таким образом, создали целое направление в современном художественном искусстве. Оно так…

Design journal would be a great way to show pen or pencil colors. I have a design journal, and this would be very useful!

Music note

This is a photograph of an original hand drawn design done with finepoint sharpie on Bristol board. The print is on thick quality 9 x 6 paper! maybe a bass clef