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Wall of balloons how-to

Balloon Wall as a photo backdrop. Tape the strings at various heights to create a wall of balloons. Instant backdrop in any color. Guests could have their picture taken in front of the balloon wall by Mary maybe, sort of like a photo booth.

Family Tree

Family Handprint Tree The entire family can have fun with this craft. Give family trees a creative spin by putting family members’ handprints on the branches. Frame the tree when you’re finished. (We could get Lucy's paw in on this, too!

Transform plain crates into decorative and functional shelving by painting them and hanging them on the wall. Make sure the crates don't stick out so far that they're in the way.

thinking upstairs bathroom.all you need to make these crate shelves is a few craft-store crates and your favorite hue of paint. Staggering the cabinets creates additional storage space atop each crate and allows the shelves to double as wall art.

25 Elf on the Shelf QUICK & EASY Ideas that take Under 5 mins!

Elf on the Shelf ideas. 25 Elf on the Shelf QUICK & EASY Ideas that take Under 5 mins! Replace Stockings With Undies, Marshmallow Bath, Glow Bracelets, Magic Elf Seeds

Cute Easter idea!

Baby Chick Deviled Eggs for an Easter Snack - this photo is uploaded by the user so it offers no recipe. I've made these just by making my favorite deviled egg recipe and then using pieces of olive for the eyes and cheddar cheese for the beak.