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Grissini, the Breadsticks of Piemonte
Watch the process of making the famous breadsticks of Piemonte in the town of Barolo
there is a boat that is docked in the water next to some houses and buildings
Italy's East Coast
Most visitors to Italy make Venice a top place to go but don’t see much else along the Adriatic coast. It's a shame, because there are many fine destinations to explore, and this article shows you where to go and what to see.
an aerial view of a city with the words travel to italy in the time of covidd
Travel to Italy in the time of the Coronavirus
An account of my friends Robert and Dori and their recent flight from San Francisco to Italy ending up in their Lucca condominium (ownership of which along with their residence permits allows them to bypass the restrictions of travel from the US to Italy.)
an aerial view of rolling hills and fields with the text coronarius fact should you vacation in italy in 2020?
Coronavirus Facts for Italy Travelers 2020
I’ve been hearing from tour guides who report their inboxes full of cancellations recently. COVID-19 is having a big effect already. Martha tells me that journalists have been told not to write tourism stories about Italy. Events are being canceled in affected areas. Are we feeling the landslide yet?
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Matera Underground
Matera, “la Città Sotterranea”, the underground city. A hundred years ago ignored by a distant government. A rabbit warren of intense poverty, a clot of hardscrabble lives spent sleeping in caves, working in fields far away. The Sassi. Wet, moldy hovels scraped out of limestone with warm blooded animals for heat, cold blooded for annoyance and disease. The shame of Italy.
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Free Italy Travel Newsletter
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Where to Go in Italy in 2020
There are lots of special Italian destinations celebrating their history in 2020. For example, little Aquilea, a Roman city in Friuli celebrates 2200 years of history in 2020 and Parma is the Italian Capital of Culture 2020. Check out all 6 of our suggestions for travel in 2020.
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Aquileia Visitor Guide
Aquileia was once a major city of over 100,000 people waiting for the barbarians to pour across the borders. It sat pretty along the Natiso river in Friuli. It even has the symbol of Rome right in front of the Basilica’s bell tower.
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Bassano del Grappa Guide
Bassano del Grappa is an interesting Veneto town associated with Grappa, ceramics, and a covered wooden bridge, the Ponte degli Alpini. Bassano del Grappa has a romantic side as well. Sit at a bar over the Palladian covered bridge and the serene Brenta river and you can't help feeling all is well with the world.
the cover of fidenza, a friendly stop on the via francianna
Fidenza Travel Guide
Fidenza is a lively town of 28,000 people located along the Via Emilia between Parma and Piacenza, a mere 23 km from Parma. It has a fantastic cathedral facade peppered with Romanesque carvings intended to speak to illiterate pilgrims who plied the Via Francigena on their way to Rome.
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Stanguellini Automobili Museum, Modena
You can pay 17 euro to see the Ferrari museum in Maranello, but the Stranguellini is easy to visit and it’s free when you make an appointment. If you like to see fast cars with small motors made by hand, this is the place you’ll want to visit.
the entrance to an old building with a quote on it that reads, not all those who are wandering italy are lost many are living large
Wandering Italy
Guide to the little places, the meaningful festivals, the great food, and the many wonders of Italy.
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Pavia Travel Guide
Why visit the tourist-ignored city of Pavia? It's a quick train ride from Milan, it contains one of Europe's oldest universities where you can visit a plethora of museums and a botanical garden. There's plenty of Romanesque around, plus a castle AND an Abbey.
a stone statue on the side of a building that says wonders to be seen along the via francianna
Map of the Via Francigena
Traveling along the pilgrimage trail called the Via Francigena, or Frankish Way, is a great way to see the wonders of cities that flourished during the Romanesque period.
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Rural Italian Itineraries
Italy is packed with the most amazing treasures many tourists miss. Italy is more than Rome, Florence, Venice and the Cinque Terre, no matter what your tour agent says.
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Cremona Guide
It's not just violins you know.
an italian village with mountains in the background and text that reads, pettoriano sulligizzo un borcho piu bello in abruzzo in abruzo
Pettorano sul Gizio
One of Italy's most beautiful villages in the Abruzzo makes a fine day trip from Sulmona.
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Craco: Basilicata's Hot Ghost Town
Travel guide to a place of cracked architectural wonders in Basilicata
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Italy's East Coast
Top Places to Go on Italy's East Coast | Martha's Italy
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Where to Go in Italy in 2019
Where to go in Italy in 2019 - 5 recommended places
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Italy Travel Highlights 2018
2018 travel highlights from Martha's Italy - cities to unknown places
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Books About Italian Culture
Books on Italian Culture
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Italy in September
Italy in Sept: Festivals, Weather, Travel Planning, & What to Expect
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Where to Go in Italy in 2018
5 Top Places to Go in 2018 - Martha's Italy Recommendations for Where to Go
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Italy's Public Holidays
Italy's 12 national public holidays - when and what they are.
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Agriturismo Lodging
Stay on an agriturismo, farm estate with lodging, in Italy.
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Italy Unpacked - 4 Italy itineraries from Bindu Trips
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Italy Travel Highlights 2017
2017 Italy travel highlights: our top picks for places to go
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Italian Abbeys and Monasteries
8 Monasteries and Abbeys to visit in Italy.
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Lucca Map and Itinerary Guide
lucca san michele