Food Pairing with Chainti Wine

Chianti is one of the great red wines of Italy and although it is a versatile wine it is good to give some thought to the food that might enhance your…
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two roasted chickens with mushrooms and herbs on a plate
DaVinci Storyteller Experience: Chianti Balsamic Chicken
Chianti Balsamic Chicken
slices of salami on a wooden cutting board
Ocado, the online supermarket
@Natoora Ltd Ltd freshly sliced Tuscan wild boar salame. We love its rich, gamey flavour.
a plate full of chicken and mushrooms on skewers next to a bowl of salad
Tuscan Grilled Chicken, Sausage & Sage Skewers Recipe on Snooth Eats
Tuscan Grilled Chicken, Sausage & Sage Skewers
a blue bowl filled with food and a spoon
Ricotta Gnocchi with Wild Boar Ragu Recipe on Snooth Eats
Ricotta Gnocchi with Wild Boar Ragu. This dish has a strongly flavoured sauce so it requires a full bodied wine. So I suggest you could serve it with a bottle of Chianti Classico
a wooden cutting board topped with meat and veggies on top of a table
Prosciutto Di Cinghiale (Wild Boar) #chatterworks @Harry Dent Robin White
the meat is being cooked on the grill
Tuscan-Style Turkey Alla Porchetta
Chianti with Turkey? Yes it sounds good. Tuscan-Style Turkey Alla Porchetta
1h 45m
a plate of spaghetti with sauce and fettuccine is being cut by a fork
Spaghetti all'Amatriciana
Spaghetti all'Amatriciana (?)
a steak on a plate next to a bowl of potatoes
Bistecca Fiorentina with salsa verde
Bistecca Fiorentina.THE classic dish in florence for Chianti Classico. Enjoy!