All of them are right! should just make a shirt out of this.

Aries Picture Quotes Yes Aries do have a lot of qualities and some bad things too. So here are some quotes on pictures about Aries , hope you like them

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The only three things Aries want from their partners are trust, loyalty and respect. That's why I am single !

Aries...very true

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Aries are independent!

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Aries are independent!>> but I also need someone who will be there for me nmw

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Aries Today's Fact - Aries are always helpful when a someone isn't doing well or is in a bad mood.

Minus this being for love this all makes sense now =P =) @Suzie Bissonnette

Daily Horoscope Bélier 2017 Description The Astrology Guru - Sagittarius compatibility with Aries

Amazing!  My daughter (who is my best friend) is a Sagittarius and my Husband (my other best friend) is an Aries!  :)

The Best Zodiac Facts

My Leo relationship is appeared to be better than Libra.... That's laughable

Zodiac Compatibility Charts_Aries_Zodiac Society being the lowest 3 being the highest].kinda interesting, and again,it shows the poor compatibility over a Capricorn,ughhh.


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