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"The minute you feel like you're the only one going through it ... you're losing." CrossFit Games competitor Austin Malleolo talks about working hard at the ...

Keep Your Head up and Never Complain

Below is an edited e-mail response to a client who has his Strongman Pro Card and is on his way to going to PT school.  I actually have a lot of clients that double dip on working with me as they a…

Some Tidbits

I Am Ivan - YouTube

I Am Ivan

The Well Traveled Wellness Podcast welcomes author and physiologist Lyle McDonald of to talk about training female athletes. Lyle has a book about to come out about some very …

Podcast #28: Uniqueness of the Female Athlete and Periodization Around the Menstrual Cycle with Lyle McDonald

The Demise of Personal Training | OPEX Fitness

The Demise of Personal Training

Get to know the Canada Team for this year's CrossFit Invitational. 


2015 CrossFit Invitational: Canada Team

This is going to sound stupid and sappy and ridiculous, but here it is: Whatever you face today, put more love into it.

Do This, And Your Day Might Improve

A fun post! (Read #1-5 by clicking on the link in my bio.) #crossfit #gyms #fitness

10 Things I Learned In My CrossFit Class

How do you fix the sticking point in the squat? You don't. Here's what you can do to make sure you're in the best possible position to complete the lift.


The Sticking Point in the Squat: What Causes It and What To Do About It • Strengtheory

Reflection on OPEX Testing 15.3 | OPEX Fitness

Reflection on OPEX Testing 15.3