Beach bum attire. Love this ♥

I love summer, beachy clothes! Can't wait to fit back into fun summer clothes after this baby makes his appearance.may not be until next summer though.


There are 2 tips to buy this blouse: top orange bow tank top bow back top bright orange.


So I have always really liked the color yellow, but just not on me. I always felt like it made my skin look like it had a weird tint to it. I have a couple of yellow shirts that I NEVER wear. But I kind of like the look of these yellow skirts .

summer <3

neon yellow banded hat + chambray button up tied at the waist + hot pink bikini bottoms Denim shirt

Stripes on the beach #splendideveryday

Colorful Beach Chair Resting on the Sand During the Gorgeous Sunset. I need a beach chair for next summer


There are 14 tips to buy this swimwear: bikini bows pink cute bow bandeau bow two-piece pink neon pink bikini bow bikini summer noeud beautiful fashion sunglasses sea beach lace bandeau girly water swimming summer outfits pink bikini bikini bottoms.

Summer. Coral & Navy.

blazer + colored shorts makes such a cute outfit. i really want to get different colored shorts this summer. especially coral and teal.

spring preppy, green shorts, tunic, monogram earrings

spring preppy, green shorts, tunic, monogram earrings // This is ADORABLE! Cannot wait for summer fashion!

Beach Umbrellas. #splendideveryday

Striped umbrellas snake along the width of the beach at Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy