Set you camera to iso 400, the f/stop to 5.6 or so and do a 4 to 5 second exposure/ I will do this!!!!

Sparklers at weddings: magical moments. brides, bring some sparklers to your wedding. ask your photographer to use long exposure (or the bulb option), place the camera on a tripod and you draw your picture with your sparkler.

i spy

Love this idea! I Spy Wedding Camera Game~ give each guest a disposable camera and make them go on a photo scavenger hunt for each of the items on this poster that is displayed. Then have them turn their cameras in before they leave!

Personality shots of bridal party. Adorable.

Personality shots of bridal party. Love this! (love the groom's pic) so funny

Your love story... #wedding

Amelia Island Wedding from Julie Paisley Photography

Love story board No matter what I write on it I definitely want a chalk board

Dahlias , snapdragon

Wine Country Wedding by Erin Hearts Court

blush love Simple floral centerpiece A Whimsical Garden Party Wedding// From: The Knot// By: Our Labor of Love

I was 7 months pregnant with I married Rob and we did a simple, yet elegant beach wedding. When we renew (and we both want to) we want to have the big lavish wedding and I want to wear a gorgeous fitting dress (without the baby bump!

Photo Booth

Marblehead Wedding by Lauryn Byrdy Photography + red Bicycle Media

5 must haves for your perfect photo booth. cute idea of something for guests to do, kills some time and gives them a souvenir, too. i've heard of people simply setting a macbook in the booth and using "photobooth" on that.